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Fire Safety Plan.  Download Link (PDF).


FAQ's About Carma's Services (click here).

Understanding Your Carma Bill (click here).

Customers Care: 1-888-298-3336

Utility metering is performed by Carma Metering Solutions. Third party metering not only simplifies billing, but it also saves you money by not having to pay 4 different utility companies each a separate administration fee.

Your monthly bill will capture your usage for water (hot* and cold), hydro electricity, and heating/cooling.

*Note that hot water also includes the cost associated with the natural gas required to heat it.  As such you will see a different rate for hot water to capture this.

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Your in-suite HVAC unit is a state of the art, ultra-efficient piece of equipment.  The focus of this design is to provide tenants with three main objectives:

    1.  Year round comfort control of their apartment.

    2.  Low cost to operate.

    3.  Fresh air circulation.

Your HVAC unit will automatically switch between heating and cooling to meet your desired setpoint.  By setting your thermostat to 23 for example, your unit will automatically heat or cool your apartment to achieve that temperature.

In addition to temperature comfort, your HVAC unit is also constantly bringing in fresh outside air to your apartment.  This is designed to run 24/7 by means of a low speed fan.  As it is always bringing in fresh air, this also means that it is exhausting air, and this is achieved by the exhausting air from the bathroom ceiling grills.

There is no humidity control as part of this system; however the corridors outside of your apartments do have humidification to assist with humidity in the dry winter months.

Using My Thermostat

The thermostat has been programmed to be as simple and user friendly as possible.  There are two functions available to you:

    1.  System Status.  This is viewed by toggling the left screen.  Toggle this screen by pressing the arrow on the left.  On this screen, you will see your current temperature, your humidity level, and the status of your units (heating, cooling, or idle).

    2.  Change Setpoint.  Press the right arrow to toggle the setpoint screen.  Then press up or down to change the setting.  This setting will remain in effect until you change it again.



Fan Speed

During heating, your fan speed will automatically adjust to high speed after 5 minutes if the system cannot meet the setpoint temperature.  After the system meets the temperature setpoint, it will return to low speed.

During cooling, the fan speed with automatically adjust to high speed whenever cooling is called for.  Once the temperature setpoint has been achieved, the system will return to idle and low speed fan.


Depending on your apartments solar exposure, you may experience your system calling for cooling during the winter months.  Some people do not want this and prefer to let their apartment temperature fluctuate with the sun.  You can request that cooling be turned off by contacting the concierge team.


Residents can purchase paint directly from our local Sherwin-Williams store located at:

2900 Woodroffe Ave Unit 11 in Barrhaven. 

Tel. 613.825.9819

Apartment Walls: Oyster White, SW-7637, Flat/Matte

Ceilings: Pure White, SW-7005, Flat/Matte

Trim & Doors: Pure White, SW-7005, Pearl Finish

Please note that paint is very difficult to touch up and match as colours change and fade over time. 

Watch this video for tips on how to touch up spots on a wall.  Video Link.

Fire Plan
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